Kelly & Bill (The Chapel at West Parish, Andover, MA; Reception at The Tewksbury Country Club, Tewksbury, MA)

Kelly & Bill were married at The Chapel at West Parish in Andover, MA.  This adorable Chapel provided a lot of character for the images of their ceremony.  I could see why Kelly & Bill fell in love with it.  After they said their vows and were leaving the chapel, I set them up for a quick image utilizing all the natural light pouring in through the beautiful wooden doors.  The flower girl and ring bearer surprised me by joining in the image.  It was PERFECT.  I love the story this image tells, the flower girl peeking in and the ring bearer looking at Kelly & Bill.  This couldn’t have been planned better.  Spontaneous moments are truly the best.

The reception followed at The Tewksbury Country Club just 15 minutes away.  At the end of the evening, I took Kelly & Bill outside to the front door of the country club.  The architecture and stone work of the country club just lends itself to capturing beautiful images.  This is my favorite image from the reception.

Flowers were provided by Hillside Florist, Woburn, MA.

I hope Kelly & Bill have a wonderful honeymoon in Sonoma Valley!!!

Debbie Segreve Photography001

Debbie Segreve Photography002

Debbie Segreve Photography003

Debbie Segreve Photography004

Debbie Segreve Photography005

Debbie Segreve Photography006

Debbie Segreve Photography007

Debbie Segreve Photography008

Debbie Segreve Photography009

Debbie Segreve Photography010

Debbie Segreve Photography011

Debbie Segreve Photography012

Debbie Segreve Photography013

Debbie Segreve Photography014

Debbie Segreve Photography015

Debbie Segreve Photography016

Debbie Segreve Photography017

Debbie Segreve Photography018

Debbie Segreve Photography019

Debbie Segreve Photography020

Debbie Segreve Photography021

Debbie Segreve Photography022

Debbie Segreve Photography023

Debbie Segreve Photography024

Debbie Segreve Photography025

Debbie Segreve Photography026

Debbie Segreve Photography027

Debbie Segreve Photography028

Debbie Segreve Photography029

Debbie Segreve Photography030

Debbie Segreve Photography031

Kelly & Bill


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